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Can You Exercise Your Brain?

We focus so much on keeping our bodies healthy and fit, but what about our brain? Can we exercise it? The answer is yes! Just like our muscles, our brains can become smaller and less effective over time. There are some essentials to keep the brain running strong our memory is the key. We have to focus on keeping our memory strong. There was a recent study published that said we can reduce dementia and brain decline by 60 percent by following the basic principles of having an optimal body-weight, eating fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly, and having low to moderate alcohol intake. The brain loves to memorize and create sequences. Here are some easy exercises to keep the brain cells pumped!

1.Learn To Play Music
Some are naturally gifted at playing an instrument, for others it is a challenge. Consider singing in a choir or learning to play guitar. Studies show this will help develop the brain.

2.Drop The Calculator
We have become so dependent on not doing math. Start doing the basics in your mind rather than the smart phone. This increases our skills and sharpens the mind.

3.Map Your Memory
Create a map in your head when traveling and follow it rather than the GPS. This is great for the guys! It actually may help certain brain connections improve. Although your spouse may think otherwise.

4.Total Recall
Create your shopping list and memorize it. Look it over and then go on your way. Phone notes and sticky notes have taken the place of basic memory daily tasks.

5.Learn To Cook
take a new cooking class and learn how to prepare different cuisines. This will bring some new culture and add spice back into your memory and taste buds.

6.Learn A New Language
Its been proven that learning a new language can help challenge certain areas of the brain. A rich vocabulary is linked to less cognitive decline as we age.

7.Get Active
Learning a new activity or sport will help your brain reignite. The challenge of coordination and athleticism will engage new areas of the brain and help prevent injuries later as well.

*Exercise is Medicine is a campaign of the American College of Sports Medicine for health care professionals to encourage exercise for improving overall health.