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Proven Ways To Reach Your Weight and Fitness Goals

The greatest challenge that I hear is how most workouts and exercise routines don’t work. The other is that the trainer or nutritionist didn’t help at all. The reality is that about 20 percent of what we know about exercise will create our results. The important 80% is up to you. The behavior of what you do with the information that your lifestyle expert gives you will ultimately determine your success. So, it is ultimately up to you. Many people don’t like hearing the take-responsibility message. We are conditioned to point the finger many times. However, if we can take the basic principles we learn in exercise and fitness, add new discipline and behavior, then we can reach our desired goals. Here are some great tips to create some new healthy patterns for reaching your goals.

1.Create A Plan
Look ahead at your upcoming day and know where you are going. When are you working out? What are you eating for your meals? Leaving your day to chance will mean a bagel and coffee out the door for breakfast, and skipped workouts. Then you would feel frustrated and like you can never reach your goals. Take the time to plan ahead.

2.You Are Not Too Busy
We all have 24 hours in a day. Even with 2 jobs, kids, and the daily demands you can still find the time. Set your schedule and make it a priority the day before. Consider morning workouts so the day doesn’t control you.

3.Guilty Eating
Don’t feel guilty if you have a bad day and eat a bucket of wings or some cheesecake. Emotional eating and cravings can take over even the most disciplined. Just get back on the horse and pick up where you left off. Don’t feel the urge to double up the treadmill to burn the extra donut calories. Your long-term progress is the goal.

4.Understand The Power of Exercise
If you realize that exercise is more than just burning calories. It creates self-esteem, strength, and builds discipline in other areas of our lives. Recent studies have shown that regular exercise can even support healthy brain chemistry and better thinking. Also studies have been done showing improvements with blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol. There is a big push now to view exercise as a form of healthy lifestyle medicine.

5.Your Support Team
There is nothing tougher than being around friend and loved ones that don’t support what you do. When you start a new journey of health, wellness, and exercise, there will be the family and friendly haters that will do everything to pull you down. What do you do? Minimize your exposure to them. Still love them, but don’t let their influence take you over. Remember, we are a sum total of who we hang out with and the books we read.

*Exercise is Medicine is a campaign of the American College of Sports Medicine for health care professionals to encourage exercise for improving overall health.