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Is There A Best Time Of Day To Melt Fat?

There is a great debate if there is a better time of day to melt the fat away. I must tell you that I am simply ecstatic if you are exercising any time of the day. However researchers are finding that our bodies actually perform better in different times of the day for different types of exercise. Depending on what your weight-loss goals are, that will determine the time of day that would be best for you. First you must realize that just getting into a physical activity routine is going to get you toward your goals. If you want to go that extra mile, then looking at the time of day may give you that additional edge.

If you are focusing on fat-loss then you will want to perform your exercise early in the morning before around 9am. The reason is that lower impact cardio and weight training will dip into the fat burning better in the morning hours. The increase of the metabolism will help benefit you along the rest of the day as well. Many fitness experts recommend doing an empty morning cardio session on a treadmill or other piece of equipment that promotes additional fat loss. There is still debate on its benefits. 

For performance you will want to perform your activity in the afternoon between 3-6pm. So heavy weight lifting, cycling, sport performance is greatly increased in the afternoon due to our body’s natural biorhythm and increased oxygen capacity in the afternoons. Studies have been done in this field to show how performance was significant when the activity was shifted to the time of day. 

The one area you want to avoid is working out late at night. Our body naturally wants the stress hormone cortisol to decline at night. When we exercise, we increase cortisol. This can be very disruptive to our sleep cycle and actually cause more fat gain. 

Timing is important for the fine-tuning of your fat –loss and exercise efforts. The ultimate goal is to choose what works best for you.

*Exercise is Medicine is a campaign of the American College of Sports Medicine for health care professionals to encourage exercise for improving overall health.